Students sizzle at AHCTS culinary competition – July 2019

Sumit AHCTS Graduate at ParisButter
AHCTS gives confidence to follow culinary passion
May 20, 2019
School trades academy to full-time cookery students, from left Ricky Parr, Reuben Edwards-McKean and Jessica McLeary-Willetts.
From school trades academy to full-time cookery training
August 22, 2019
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The recent AHCTS culinary competition once again shone the spotlight on the fresh talent coming out of the AHCTS training kitchens.

The competition allowed 34 AHCTS students to unleash their creativity and gain valuable feedback on their dishes.

Students were given a list of ingredients and had to prepare a dish from the following categories; soup, pasta, fish and dessert.

They spent two days planning and preparing their interpretation of each dish and then, on July 17 it was competition time.

The competitors faced strict time limits, having to create their dish in one hour and during that time the tension mounted in the kitchens.

The judges looked for flare, skill, ability and a clear understanding on how to prepare the food.

The score sheet included:

  • Personal presentation
  • Workstation set up
  • Hygiene
  • Safety
  • Knife skills
  • Cooking methods
  • Following workplan
  • Waste
  • Completing within time
  • Clean down

“Thanks to Barbara Astill, director AHCTS for funding event,” says AHCTS general manager, Paul Anderson.

“Our chef tutors were very proud of all food produced and thanks to Sam Fraser-List for organising the culinary competition.

“The students hygiene and personal presentation was fantastic, and the competitions help young chefs test their skills under pressure,” says Paul.

Medals were awarded for each category with Lavenia Uluinayau winning the soup class, Louis Kelly- Morris the fish class, Jessica McLeary-Willets the pasta class and Jayde Murphy-Stewart the dessert class.

The overall winner, who scored a perfect score of 100 was Louis Kelly- Morris who received a huge meat pack from JR Wholesale Meats.

Thanks to chef tutor Adrian Managh for securing prizes from Gilmours Mt Roskill, Chefshop, Nestlé, JR Wholesale Meats, Foundation Foods and Bidfood.