March 2, 2020
AHCTS Live service brunch Feb 2020

Level 5 Cookery Diploma live service brunch, February 2020

See how and why AHCTS level 5 cookery students complete a live service when training at the New Zealand boutique chef school based in Auckland. See students while they prepare a brunch for diners and AHCTS head chef tutor Sam Fraser-List explains the learning process.
March 2, 2020
Anjamo Nieuwland at AHCTS

Kitchenhand to fine-dining commis chef

Looking for several experiences to learn from others has opened kitchen doors of fine-dining restaurants for a young AHCTS graduate. The chef school’s 2019 top level 4 cookery graduate, Anjamo Nieuwland, has been recognised for his hard work, enthusiasm and skill, which has led to him working in some of Auckland’s most respected restaurants. When he started at Auckland Hotel and Chefs Training School he didn’t think he wanted to be a chef, but he enrolled in the level 2 class because a friend was doing it. Anjamo was only 16 years old and he felt he had nothing to […]
January 30, 2020
AHCTS graduates December 2019

Congratulating the achievements of AHCTS graduates

At the AHCTS end-of-year prize giving it was overwhelming to hear how proud families were of the accomplishments of their aspiring young chefs. The chef graduates may have been a little shy about their success, but their tutors and families enthusiastically shared stories about how the young chefs transformed during their time at AHCTS. For many of the students, graduating from the Level 2 or Level 4 cookery course was the first time they had committed to study and gained a qualification. The chef tutors and support staff at AHCTS applaud them for working hard and succeeding. They have great […]
November 8, 2019
Adrian Managh chef tutor at AHCTS

Chef tutor finds individual’s strength

Young trade students build such a good connection with AHCTS chef tutor, Adrian Managh that many of them return to the boutique chef college to study Level 4 cookery with him. Maybe it’s because Adrian strives to find something good about every student’s work that he gives the school students the confidence and motivation to pursue a career in culinary arts. “I quickly learnt to see every trade student as an individual and not expect kids from a particular school to all be the same,” Adrian says. “When they start in our training kitchens, many of the school students don’t […]