November 8, 2019
Adrian Managh chef tutor at AHCTS

Chef tutor finds individual’s strength

Young trade students build such a good connection with AHCTS chef tutor, Adrian Managh that many of them return to the boutique chef college to study Level 4 cookery with him. Maybe it’s because Adrian strives to find something good about every student’s work that he gives the school students the confidence and motivation to pursue a career in culinary arts. “I quickly learnt to see every trade student as an individual and not expect kids from a particular school to all be the same,” Adrian says. “When they start in our training kitchens, many of the school students don’t […]
November 8, 2019
Promise Sein at NZ Chef Competitions, 2018

Promise Sein AHCTS school trade student to Level 5 cookery graduate

Promise started her cookery career as a trade student at Auckland Hotel & Chefs Training School. When she finished her secondary school education she enrolled at AHCTS to study level 4 and then, level 5 cookery. She tells her story about the support, learning and internship with AHCTS and also, her award winning experience at 2018 NZ Chef Competition.
August 22, 2019
School trades academy to full-time cookery students, from left Ricky Parr, Reuben Edwards-McKean and Jessica McLeary-Willetts.

From school trades academy to full-time cookery training

A taste of cookery in a professional training kitchen motivated three West Auckland school leavers to sign-up for fulltime study that gives them unlimited chef career options. Former students from Massey High School, Reuben Edwards-McKean and Ricky Parr, and Jessica McLeary-Willetts from Waitakere College first ventured into Auckland Hotel and Chefs Training School (AHCTS) with their schools’ trades academy. Ricky always knew he wanted to be a chef and recognised the tutors at AHCTS are experienced chefs. He wanted to gain more in-depth knowledge of what a chef really does and understand how important they are in society. “When I […]
July 31, 2019

Students sizzle at AHCTS culinary competition – July 2019

The recent AHCTS culinary competition once again shone the spotlight on the fresh talent coming out of the AHCTS training kitchens. The competition allowed 34 AHCTS students to unleash their creativity and gain valuable feedback on their dishes. Students were given a list of ingredients and had to prepare a dish from the following categories; soup, pasta, fish and dessert. They spent two days planning and preparing their interpretation of each dish and then, on July 17 it was competition time. The competitors faced strict time limits, having to create their dish in one hour and during that time the […]