Privacy: The AHCTS collects and stores information from this form to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Education (student statistical returns), New Zealand Qualifications Authority (Record of Learning registration and Unit Standard outcomes), Tertiary Education Commission (funding returns), Industry Training Organisations (funding and academic outcomes), Ministry of Social Development (confirmation of enrolment and academic outcomes), and Inland Revenue Department (student loan interest rebate). The information is also used to select students for qualifications, to manage internal administrative processes, and for internal reporting. Information about students may be supplied to, and sought from, other educational institutions for the purpose of verifying academic records. In addition, when required by statute, the AHCTS releases information to Government agencies such as the New Zealand Police, Department of Justice, Ministry of Social Development, and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). By agreeing to this declaration you authorise such disclosure on the understanding that the Institute will observe the general conditions governing the release of information, as set out in the Privacy Act 1993 and the Post-compulsory Unique Identifier Code of Practice. You may see any information held about you and amend any errors in that information. To do so, contact the Administration Officer.

IRD Number: Where you have supplied your IRD number for the purposes of a student loan interest write-off that information is being collected to provide to the Ministry of Education who will forward that information, along with your full-time or part-time study status to Inland Revenue. Inland Revenue will use this information to assess your eligibility to a student loan interest write-off. That information will be used solely for this purpose.

Fees: By agreeing to this declaration you undertake to pay all fees as they become due, and to meet any late fees and collection charges associated with debt recovery. The AHCTS’s policy on withdrawal and refund of fees may be obtained from the Administration Officer.

Rules: By agreeing to this declaration you undertake to comply with the published rules and policies of the AHCTS with regard to attendance, academic progress, standard of dress, health and safety, and behaviour.

Declaration:  I declare that to the best of my knowledge all the information supplied on, and with, this enrolment form is true and complete, I agree to abide by the conditions described above.