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The purpose of this enrolment form is to get from you the information we need to enrol you into a qualification at AHCTS.

We also need to collect information from you which is required by the Ministry of Education and other Government agencies for statistical and registration reasons. Please fill in the form properly by COMPLETING ALL SECTIONS OF THIS FORM.

Once you have completed the form and submitted it, you will receive an email confirmation.

Please print this confirmation email and attach all your necessary documentation that is required. A description of the required documents is provided in Section E of this form.

Section A - Qualification
2. Have you studied at AHCTS before?
Section B - Personal Details
3. Enter your Full Legal Nameyour full name
4. Enter your Preferred First Name:preferred name
5. If you have previously enrolled at this or any other tertiary institution under another name, what was that name?
Specify if other
7. Date of Birth:
9. Ethnicity

What ethnic group(s) do you belong to? You may select up to three boxes which apply to you.
Please specify if “Other”, "Other Pacific Island" , "Other Asian" , " Other Eurpean " or " Other Southeast Asian ":
10. Iwi:

If you identified as New Zealand Maori in question 12, what is the name of your iwi (tribe or tribes) and rohe?
Please specify if “Other”
Section C - Contact Details
11. Address and contact details

Home Address:
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Postal Address (if different from Home Address):
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I have read and agree to the Enrolment Declaration
I have also read and agree to the Withdrawal and Refund Procedures